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Intelligent battery swapping cabinet Intelligent shared charging cabinet Intelligent Exclusive Charging Cabinet Lithium battery for electric two-wheeled vehicle and three-wheeled vehicle Lithium battery of electric sanitation car Secondary Lithium Battery Backup Cabinet Outdoor Power Supply Household ESS Industrial and commercial energy storage station Secondary battery UPS Electric fork-lift truck
Secondary battery UPS
In condition of not changing the battery state, realize the funtions of power-off judgment, battery information reading, high voltage loop control through our exclusive BMS design. It can be widely used in base station backup power supply, fire emergency power supply and other energy storage fields.
With the large number of new energy electric vehicles weed out, more and more available Li-ion batteries are still at 70%~80% capacity, still capable to used in backup power and power storage fields which requires low battery performance, it's also a huge market.
High cost of traditional recycle way: step start of disassemble the cell, test, sorting and reassemble the cell, and then regroup cell on the equipments. Secondary battery applications have not been popularized due to such high costs.
Our self-developed control module and control logic could recycle 48V or 60V batteries without disassembling, can be connected directly for secondary use, saving a lot of costs.

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