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Intelligent battery swapping cabinet Intelligent shared charging cabinet Intelligent Exclusive Charging Cabinet Lithium battery for electric two-wheeled vehicle and three-wheeled vehicle Lithium battery of electric sanitation car Secondary Lithium Battery Backup Cabinet Outdoor Power Supply Household ESS Industrial and commercial energy storage station Secondary battery UPS Electric fork-lift truck
Low temperature intelligent LEP Li-ion battery
Suitable for electric two-wheeled vehicle, electric three-wheeled vehicle, electric sanitation vehicle, electric sightseeing vehicle, electric forklift and other low speed vehicle.
Matched with BMS management system, 4G positioning, with 485 communication. Wireless data transmission, remote data real-time monitoring, also have hibernation function and balance function.
Matched with unique seismic structure design, waterproof seal up to IP67 level, over temperature, over pressure, over current protection, flame retardant function, and with high security level.
Low Temperature
Our battery could work with charging and discharging normally in cold environment of -30℃. We've awarded the national invention patent.
Project 6020 6030 4820 4830 4850
Cell material LFP LFP LFP LFP LFP
Working Votage 64V/50V~73V 64V/50V~73V 51.2V/40V~58.4V 51.2V/40V~58.4V 51.2V/40V~58.4V
Capacity 20Ah 30Ah 20Ah 30Ah 50Ah
Total energy 1.28kWh 1.92kWh 1.02kWh 1.54kWh 2.56kWh
Combination type 20S1P 20S1P 16S1P 16S1P 16S2P
Continuous discharging current 30A 45A 30A 45A 75A
Max discharging current 50A 75A 50A 75A 125A
Standard discharging current 10A 15A 10A 15A 25A
Weight 14kg 19kg 11kg 15.5kg 26kg
Charging Terperature -25℃~45℃
Discharging Terperature -25℃~55℃
Storage Terperature -45℃~25℃@6 months,-45℃~35℃@3 months,-45℃~45℃@1 month
Protection Class IP67
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