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Intelligent battery swapping cabinet Intelligent shared charging cabinet Intelligent Exclusive Charging Cabinet Lithium battery for electric two-wheeled vehicle and three-wheeled vehicle Lithium battery of electric sanitation car Secondary Lithium Battery Backup Cabinet Outdoor Power Supply Household ESS Industrial and commercial energy storage station Secondary battery UPS Electric fork-lift truck
Container Energy storage System for industry and Commerce (10kV/MW class)
Products are based on 280Ah cell, standardized module + battery cluster design We can select the battery model to match the requirements according to the customer demand.
Project 1MWh Storage Station 2MWh Storage Station 3MWh Storage Station
Voltage 768V/600V~876V 768V/600V~876V 768V/600V~876V
Nominal Capacity 1400Ah 2800Ah 4200Ah
Total Energy 1.0 MWh 2.1MWh 3.2MWh
Combination type 5个标准电池簇并联 10个标准电池簇并联 15个标准电池簇并联
Discharging Current Continuous Discharge:0.5C;Peak Discharge:1C
Charging Current Continuous Charge:0.5C;Peak Charge:1C
Working Temperature -30℃~50℃
Designed Cycle Life 10 Years
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